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Cook together on live video with Chef’s, Friends and Family from around the world …

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How it works

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See how others prepare food and enjoy cooking while sharing video signal both ways with friends and family. Get invited, join an open session or start your own video session and invite whoever you chose ... or all!


Share recipes across borders and generations. You decide who to share with - thus you can share your "secret-sauce" with family and/or friends only. We totally respect if you don't want to share with your mother in law ;-)


Chat during video sessions or use our blog to discuss important issues like how you do your own "tandor grill" as an add-on to your existing grill or how to prepare the perfect pancakes for 40 hungry kids in 20 minutes...


We Bring Friends & Family Together

From ancient time the fire place was where humans gathered to:

  • Cook, eat and rest
  • keep warm in a harsh environment
  • stay safe from dangerous predators’
and around the fire became the place to exchange stories and advice … in short around the fire became the place and concept of community and the place to get together.

In today’s world, we still find comfort in gathering with friends around the fire – today in a kitchen, eating talking … being together. However, in modern life we cannot be with friends and family as much as we like due to geographical constraints and work life.

This is where you can enjoy cooking and being together with friends and family.

How it started

OURstove was founded by Martin Holm Mortensen in order to be together with friends and family while living abroad and not finding comfort in using business meeting software like skype or the superficial relations supported on other social medias.


  •   +45 2966 8682
  •   Aalsgaarde, Denmark
  •   hello@ourstove.com.


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